Current Projects Using Wikis

  • Bruno Latour’s 2013 Gifford Lectures - We attended Bruno Latour’s 2013 Gifford Lectures in Edinburgh, Scotland. We met and gathered with others interested in Latour’s anthropological view of networks and set up this wiki to continue the conversation.
  • Bruno Latour Sketchpad - An exploration into Bruno Latour’s texts and what they reveal about the networks of human and non-human objects in which we live.
  • David Foster Wallace - I am intrigued by David Foster Wallace, a man who was very intelligent but decided to commit suicide. The New York Times characterized him as the best in his generation, and so he serves as a good portrait into the drama of the late Baby-Boomer and GenX generations.
  • Economic Scenarios - This wiki aims to develop a conversation about the historical trends that are shaping and will continue to shape our material condition of existence as a global community of humans and non-humans along with the theoretical frameworks that create the possibility to observe, assess, and shape those trends. Some questions this wiki explores are "How do we make our situation intelligible?" "What possibilities show up from different perspectives?" "What are relevant trends unsettling our habitual common sense?"
  • Fuerza del Sur - This is an experiment on narratives and identities in MMORGs (massive multiplayer online role-playing games).
  • Oakland - In this wiki, individuals are using Web 2.0 tools to expand collaboration in local neighborhoods.
  • Productivity Collectives - This is a wiki that explores the contribution of different productivity movements of the 20th century.
  • Service Processes - An invitation to think, react, comment or question about two simple basic components of service process: the service process workflow, and the service exchange workflows.