Home 2013

Main Locations

Floripa, EastBay-Oakland, Dublin, London, Beijing

Elevator Speech

The Buzz of Buzz: Less management, more social entrepreneurship, lighter structures, transparent value models across the organization: in synthesis, define a business game that delivers value to multiple constituencies at once, without falling into the temptation of trading off quarterly financial performance for any of the other dimensions of value relevant to others constituencies. This is the game in Mountain View, Perth or Hufei. Maybe, it has been always the game, but today it can be played more transparently and with more fun.

Explorations is a business grassroots we have been slowly developing with people we have met in our projects. It is loose, flexible, on demand. A conversation of people interested in developing healthy and simple innovations that makes work more valuable and fun. In Buenos Aires, Maia is exploring projects on distributed management; in Ecuador, Andres is exploring policy making and decentralized implementation. In Houston...web based working spaces. In Glasgow, Richard is developing a model for making water utilities more efficient and sustainable...

We attended Bruno Latour's 2013 Gifford Lectures at the University of Edinburgh. It was a good opportunity to share with people captivated with Latour's anthropology of networks. We had the chance to engage in casual conversations with professor Latour and ask advice on some burning questions. An incredibly powerful and creative thinker that makes you feel at home in vast conversations.

The Moment

How much truth can we find in the champions of globalization and its left overs? Entering into bi-polar order 2.0... Big Panda on the stage... too much money to feel the pain, for now.